My ‘Free your Dreams’ story

I’m a soulsearcher, that’s very rich and sometimes a bit exhausting ;). I know I cannot just ‘live my life’: I’m always looking for the truth, why things are as they are and how can I make the world (and my world) a better place. Most of all I always had an urge towards freedom. Always searching for ways to feel free within myself and the system that is our society. Free from my unconscious patterns, beliefs and fears that held me back. Looking for ways to free my dreams and do the things I really love to do. And yes of course: go through all of my fears along the way.

In my twenties my world turned upside down when my boyfriend at the time got an agressive form of cancer. My life as editor at Cosmopolitan Magazine, who travelled the world, turned into hospital visits, going to chemo and radiation with him and most of all looking death, of someone I loved, so closely in the eye for a few years. Although he is my ex for many years now, I’m very happy that he survived this battle. After this period nothing was ever the same, but I did start to really LIVE. At that moment I decided that life is short, and I should make the most of it.


This period raised all sorts of questions for me: why these things happen to us, does life have meaning, why are we here? This took me on a whole different road, next to my work as a writer, a road of personal development, consciousness, spirituality and I even finished a five year study for coach/lifetherapist. This journey was adventurous, deep, intens, loving, painful and a great joy all at the same time. As a result I do feel free and my creativity is free like never before. I believe very strongly that creativity is a powerful life force energy.

So, to make a long story short (ok sorry it’s already long..). I feel it’s time that all of me; my love for all things beautiful, my creativity, my work for magazines, my consiousness and my writing can come together with this Free your Dreams community. I’m so grateful for all the beautiful likeminded people on my path the last few years, and this website is for me a way to share and connect. To inspire but to get equally inspired by all of you. Please feel free to share your wisdom, fears, love, joy and inspiration here!

Let’s Free our Dreams together ♡