About this website

This website is made to inspire you to start living your dreams, big or small, and live the life you really want. For me this was not always easy, I looked many fears in the eye that were holding me back, and I still do. But I want to be loyal to myself en that what I long for in life, cause it’s the only way for me to experience a greater sense of freedom.

Be loyal to yourself

It’s not that your life should be perfect, or it’s not good enough as it is or you’re not good enough as you are, or everything should always be better, faster, richer, higher or lighter. It’s all about authenticity, about being loyal to you and your personal (soul)longings. It’s about living your full potential, even if you feel the fear. That means to first be grateful for all that you do have, all that is good in your life. And acceptance for who you are and where you are now. And from this place of inner peace strive for your (soul)longings and dreams. It could be your own company, do something creative, to travel more often or even just take care of your children. It’s so easily said: follow your heart, live your passion, follow your dreams! But even if you don’t know your passion at this moment, or have no idea what your dreams are right now, than it’s important to accept this for now and know this is allright too!

Free your Dreams, the result:
1. More inner peace
2. A deeper sense of happiness and fulfilment
3. Freedom

My motto: live all the colors you have inside you. Not only the light and pretty colors, but the darker shades are a part of authenticity as well. There’s no need to make life prettier than it really is, ‘just’ be as loving and loyal to yourself as you can be. And this takes courage.

What’s your dream?

What’s your dream, big or small? What’s the thing you always wanted to do, but never made time for? Write a book, painting, dance, learn to play an instrument or even just to have more time for yourself? To work freelance, find your dreamjob or start your own company? Maybe your a real traveller but don’t do it because of your job, little time or money? A house at the beach, live in a treehouse, be an artist or run the NY Marathon?

Dream big but cherish the little things

What’s holding you back?

To live your dreams, or do something with passion, makes you feel Alive and gives lots of energy. What’s holding you back? Why did you not do it yet? There are, conscious or unconscious, many reasons to not do it: it’s scary, it cost money, it takes time, you’re afraid you’ll fail, or succeed, you think it’s not possible, your life might change or are afraid what other people might think or say. Or maybe you find it difficult to even feel what your dream or passion really is. These (unconscious) fears will keep us nice an safe in our comfort zone. This fear of change can be so frightening that we rather stay in a situation that’s not really good for us (anymore). It takes courage to acknowledge this and change your life.

This website

Free your Dreams inspires you to find your dreams and start living them, big or small. Furthermore it’s an online community to inspire eachother.

This online magazine is an ‘umbrella’ for different online programs to inspire and help you to find and live your dreams. I’m working on the first program right now: Free your Inner Writer. As a professional writer (books and for magazines, newspapers and companies) and a professional therapist/coach I’d love to help if you want to write and publish your own book.

The Categories

To free your dreams takes courage, selflove, personal development, feeling your fears, motivation, creativity, change inner beliefs, inspiration and sometimes healing. There are different categories in this mindstyle magazine about these subjects.
♡ Free your Creativity
For inspiration and to stir up some creativity.
♡ Inner You
Consciousness, spirituality and personal development in a practical way.
♡ Free Spirit
Magic, healing and spirituality in a modern way
♡ Soulful Travel
To travel, long or short, is on the dream wishlist for many. Maybe this has something to do with the feeling of freedom and adventure it gives.
♡ Love your body
Inspiration about health. When we’re fully connected to our body we feel grounded and solid, have more energy and are much more aware of feelings, intuition and our strength. Love your body, love your life.
♡ Magical Music
Music works very powerfull at the unconscious mind. The right music heals, moves, helps to ‘feel’, inspires, empowers, calms and stimulates creativity.
♡ Just Sayin’
Inspiring quotes that might touch or motivate.

♡ The book club
Inspiring books that touch or motivate.

I really hope you enjoy this community. If you do, please connect so we can share inspiration, light, creativity and consciousness. Thanks for your visit and hope to see you soon!


Integrity and clarity are important values to me. So if, for example, I use affiliates on this website it’s only that what I love, use myself or really recommend. Ads on this website are only ones I feel fit this community. When I do receive money for something on this website it’s always clearly stated so you will know.