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Budapest is called ‘The Paris of the East’. The city shows creativity, it’s a reminiscent of Berlin, but actually Budapest is super unique and has its own personal touch. This city is, in my opinion, worth a visit.

At least once a year I try to be in Budapest. It’s the city where my grandmother came from and I still have relatives living here. Even though Budapest is modernising, its history is still tangible and visible and it will not lose this identity and atmosphere any time soon. The river divides the city into two parts, Buda and Pest. This city trip fits any budget: eating, sleeping and even the journey can be cheap.


Every year the city exudes more creativity, a creativity that reminds me of Berlin. Perhaps this is partly because of the many garden terraces, named “Kerts”, that are behind alternative cozy pubs. From April to September you can drink here under the stars and fairytale lights. The Kerts are usually decorated with a cheerful mix of vintage furniture. In the Jewish (VII) district you can find most of the kerts, like Koleves at Kazinczy utca 41. This is a very nice (and tasty) restaurant. In my opinion Budapest is not the best place for shopping clothes.


Many facilities have been around for 2000 years but Budapest is officially called a ‘Spa city’ since about 80 years. You will not find the spas as we know them here, but you can find impressive bathhouses with purifying thermal water from natural sources. A few hours bathing feels like you’ve been on holiday for a week. A well-known bathhouse is St. Gellért (Kelenhegyi út 4), but I can also recommend the smaller bathhouse St. Lukács (Frankel Leó ut 25-29) Sometimes they organize parties here by Magic Bath. DJ and bikini, why not.. Both are on the Buda side. You can also go to Whether Csillaghegyi

Csillaghegyi in in the summer, they have tremendous outdoor pools.

  • De Kurtoskalács is typical for Budapest: a sweet snack made of dough. The shape is due to the method of preparation, around a roll above the fire or heat source. You can choose from different flavours.
  • Mozaik (Király u. 18) is a creative place for breakfast, lunch, coffee or a snack. Special kinds of tea, books and plenty of inspiration.
  • Very special is the ice in the shape of a rose by Gelartor Rosa. They also have gluten- and lactose-free snacks.
  • Go to bij Café Gerbeaud for a luxury experience and have some of their memorable cake or unique chocolates (Vorosmarty tér 7-8)
  • The Liszt Ferenc Street is known for its restaurants and heated terraces. Hard to choose but maar Karma is certainly a good and cosy place (Liszt Ferenc tér 11), whether you would like to go for traditional goulash or something completely different.


Oh yes a modern souvenir shop is Memories of Hungary (Hercegprímás ut 8 )

On the photo: my grandmother in Budapest <3

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