VoelJeSparkle_MicheleBevoort_LRFEEL YOUR SPARKLE

15 ways to live lighter

Scriptum Publishers

This book is only available in Dutch

This is a book full of sparkling wisdom and modern spirituality. Written in a no-nonsense way which makes it practical and suitable for people who are interested in personal development en conscious living and want to read more deeply about this. People who are looking for more balance and inner rest in our sometimes hectic daily lives. A book that supports you to live your personal truth and from your own deep wisdom.

Sometimes live is hard, that’s how it is. It’s really about the LIGHT from the word enlightement, when we dare to take life a little less seriously we’re already half way there. The paradox: we’ll have to go through fears first, leave old patterns and behaviour behind that’s not serving you anymore and accept our shadowsides. This way we  find your essence and you’ll experience more light, joy and pleasure in live, and more compassion towards yourself as well. You’ll feel again the ocean of possibilities that’s right in front of you when you clear the blockages that hold you back. When you learn to play with live more, instead of fighting against it so much, you feel like a weight has lifted of your shoulders. When you act from your hearts desires, you’re more in touch with your feelings and it becomes much easier to make choices that make YOU happy. It’s an important key for happiness. This book is an invitation to just BE yourself completely and in all ways. All that you are in essence. And the good thing: the sparkle will follow then automatically.
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“This book shows you ways to live lighter and feel again your ‘sparkle’. It’s about learning to play with live again instead of fighting against it. A modern but soothing design in a small square size. The content is surprisingly deep and wise. It’s written in an accessible way. Through it’s diversity in subjects it will draw on a large target group.”
– NBD Biblion

“Through our busy daily lives our spontaneity seems to have left our lives a bit to often. Your inner child has no room to express. Michèle Bevoort finds it important to contact your inner child again, to be more true to yourself. When you make some time for playfulness in your live, you’ll notice this will effect your life in a positive way. Get rid of masks and let emotions flow freely when they present oneself. When you leave old patterns behind en listen more and more to your hearts desires, you will feel your sparkle in life. And that’s a real gift.”
– Para Visie Magazine

“A lovely book full of beautiful advice, therories and tips that inpire you to develop, live from the heart and live your best life! It’s not a step-by-step plan, but the book gives you the opportunity to discover what you can do to live lighter. So you can make your own step-by-step plan. On my blog I mention 3 ways to live lighter from the book, but I really wanted to copy the whole book here!”
– Beblissed.nl

“Feel your sparkle is about lightening your life. Make it literally lighter and more playfull. To find yourself, to live from the heart and do what really makes you happy. The book in short: deep wisdom in a small package! Michèle digs until the core of the matter: follow your heart, there’s this sparkle, there you’ll find what your soul wants to do when here on earth. For the more ‘experienced’ readers it’s a great summary of how to let your soul bloom.
Michèle pleads for more joy, compassion, love and humor in life. It makes all lighter and more bearable. The message of ‘joy’ is an ancient one. Life is not always easy, but also too short to hold on to pain. There’s only a tiny light needed to see in the darkness. This is a book that you should read when you have some time, then put it away and let all sink in en then go and read some again. It makes you conscious of your own patterns and behaviour and you can choose to rediscover your sparkle, step by step. Michèle has a very nice and accessible writing style, and that’s great cause this is not easy material. So, when you want a challenge that looks like a present, than I do highly recommend this book.”
– Justbeyou.nl