25 ways to find you and live your life fully

Scriptum Publishers (second edition)

This book is only available in Dutch

It’s a relief and useful when you start to see your own patterns, when you start to understand why you do the things you do or why something is not flowing in your life. It’s time to release patterns or habits that not serve you anymore. That’s when you experience this ‘flow’ in life, that’s when life gives you energy (instead of taking it from you). You do not become conscious cause you do something wrong or cause you’re not good the way you are. You become conscious to be as true to yourself and your soul as you can be. This book is written with humor and ‘to the point’. Practical and clear for everyone who wishes to be inspired to live there life fully.
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Available as an ebook as well.

“It’s very clear that Michèle Bevoort is an life-expert. Her experience as an editor for magazines shows in ‘I Love Me’. Like a good magazine there’s no lack of creativity. De personal stories the author added give this book more depth. This all makes this honest and sincere book a small masterpiece.”
– Womanslife.nl

“Do you want to live your life fully and celebrate this? Read I LOVE ME.”
– Cosmopolitan Magazine

“I LOVE ME is a really great book for everone who wants to learn to be more true to  themselves. Michèle Bevoort made this personal coach on paper; you’ll be inspired for sure. It’s written in a very accessible style. It does not tell you what you should or shouldn’t do or how to live your life (yes Dr. Phil, take a hint) but you’ll feel lots of space to decide what you’ll find helpful. I LOVE ME will open your eyes!”
– 20Something.nl

“This book helps you to live more consciously. This book is like a breath of fresh air compared to other self help books.”
– Glossy Magazine

“It will not help you to keep thinking about your problems, knows happier-life-guru Michèle Bevoort. She gives you lots of amazing  insights and tips.”
– Viva Magazine