DIY: drying flowers is hot

Lately dried flowers inspire me, they are definitely making a comeback. With a flower press it’s even more fun…

Two months ago I was in Sardinia and the magical nature there made me so happy. Especially all the exotic flowers that come in all sorts of shapes and colours. When I was there, I picked some of the flowers and let them dry. Now it’s a beautiful still life in my interior which remind me of a magical trip.

Drying flowers: Inspiration

Gedroogde bloemen zijn hot
In a transparent frame. I bought this once at Muji (they do not have a store in the Netherlands, but they have an online store).

Bloemen drogen
Attached with Washi tape to the wall. This image comes from Pinterest.

Bloemen drogen
Or, in a glass frame like this one. This image comes from the blog: Glynnis Whitwer

A flower press can be easily found online (like the one below from and obviously you can also dry the flowers in a thick book.

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