DIY: neon accent

I have a passion for the subject of creativity. For me it’s one of the powers of life and it envolves inspiration and originality. And also pleasure!

Like making one of the easy DIY projects. The other day i bought some ‘virtue cards’,  including one about creativity. The description on the card was very inspiring to me. “Creativity is the power of imagination. You’re open to the inspiration that discovers your originality. Creativity makes you resourceful and intuitive. You solve your problems in new surprising ways. You know how to play. You take the time to dream. Discovering your own special talents are a gift to the world, whether it’s cooking food, sports or doing crafts. Creativity connects you with the beauty of sound, design, color, movement, ideas and words. It lets you bring something new into the world. The urge for creation makes your gifts bloom”.

DIY project

It doesn’t need to be a big deal, little Do It Yourself projects already make me very happy, like painting the end bits of my wooden spoons in neon pink.

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