Magical place just outside Prague

Last week I wrote about Prague. I visited the city with photographer Nadine Maas to create some Soulful articles for magazines and newspapers. An hour’s drive from Prague you can find Chateau Mcely, a place where you can spend a few very relaxing days. This modern castle is located in the St. George forests and is a true power spot.

Sprookje bij Praag
Sprookje bij Praag

Modern fairy tale just outside Prague

Chateau Mcely is a modern castle with 23 attractive rooms with expansive green views. It is in the middle of the St. George forests where you can hike, bike or picnic. A favorite activity of the Czechs is mushroom picking, from the castle you can get a basket and a book, which describes how to find edible mushrooms and which ones are not. There are gumboots with tiger print in the lobby that you borrow if you go into the forest.

Sprookje bij Praag
Chateau McelySprookje bij Praag

Playful and casual

The modern spa is divine just like their massages. The atmosphere here is definitely not ‘highbrow’, but rather playful, friendly, attentive and very casual. You will feel very welcome and at ease. They work with their own pure natural biological products (which are hard to resist to buy and bring home) that are being made on the estate. These products are more and more discovered by luxury hotels and sold worldwide. The idea behind these products is to share the ancient knowledge of herbs and alchemy (a hobby of the current owner James Cusumano).

Sprookje bij Praag
Sprookje bij Praag

Healing energy

This place does not only have a long history, but is also known as a place with special healing energy. Not that this is promoted as such, but the manager says that people who stay here have positive healing experiences and feel better quickly with their symptoms. We can agree to that, especially during the massage it seemed that all kinds of ‘gates were being opened’ which made it much easier to contact our own intuition. We saw all kinds of images and colors that gave us new insights. Magic or not, this place is nice and relaxed in the middle of nowhere and that’s what makes it so nice.

For example combine a city trip to Prague together with two nights in this castle and you will guaranteed come back home rested, inspired and fully charged.

Foto’s: © Chateau Mcely, Nadine Maas en Michèle Bevoort

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