A new habit in 30 days

Would you like to change something in your life, but don’t know where to start? You can learn (or get rid of) a habit in only 30 days…

If I have a big writing job with a deadline, I can really stress out if I think about all the things that need to be done before it is finished. But that could also apply to that basement that I still want to clean. The best way to really get something done is to cut the job or the thing you want to change into small parts. Then it is not such a big thing to get started on anymore.

Magic number: 30

It seems that a change you make becomes more easily a habit after thirty days. If you have made it through thirty days, you can decide whether you want to do it for thirty more days until it finally becomes a habit. For instance cleaning up three items a day in that basement for thirty days. Or it is much easier to not eat sugar for thirty days than saying that you want to lose five or ten pounds.

A new habit

A while ago I was working on an article for a Dutch magazine called LIS. For this, I interviewed psychologist Dr. Alice Boyes from New Zealand (wonderful how small the world is nowadays). She came up with different projects which she named ‘30 day projects’, to strengthen her willpower and to develop and grow. She shares this on her website, Facebook and blog. She invites people to join and also train and increase their willpower. The projects vary from thirty days of doing a short meditation, thirty days to do something she has never done before to thirty days to just throw away things that are no longer useful. These small challenges (which to her own surprise where easy to maintain), gave her more confidence to take on new things in her life. It also reinforced her strength to carry on with other projects better.

You will therefore find that you really can change everything in your life by taking small steps toward your goal.

There is a bit more 30 days- inspiration in this short TED lecture by engineer Matt Cutts

Meditation tip: Dr. Alice Boyes used the online meditations mindfulselfcompassion.org for her ’30 Days a short meditation’ project.

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