A happier life with the 80% formula

Of course you are going for the best, but does this really make you happy? If you learn to be satisfied with eighty percent, you will live a more balanced life and feel better about yourself. In this article you can read how (and why) this works. Letting go of the strict...
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"Things are as they are, we suffer because we imagined different"
— Rachel Wolchin

Magical place just outside Prague

Last week I wrote about Prague. I visited the city with photographer Nadine Maas to create some Soulful articles for magazines and newspapers. An hour's drive from Prague you can find Chateau Mcely, a place where you can spend a few very relaxing days. This modern castle...
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Mystical Prague

I was recently in Prague with photographer Nadine Maas for new Soulful Travel stories in several magazines and newspapers. This mysterious city breathes art, culture, mysticism and music. Prague stimulated all of my senses: elegant and aesthetic, full of delightful Art Nouveau architecture in faded pastel shades. In this article...
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