The power of creativity

Recently I had to write an article for the Dutch magazine LiefLijf (BodyLove), for this article I had to dive into the theme of creativity. Regularly people tell me they’re not really creative, but I believe that we’re all creative beings, one way or another. Creativity is so much more than drawing well, doing knitting for fun or being able to write in a great style.

Creative processes are about creating something new. Whether it’s an object, concept, original idea or a solution. It has nothing to do with talent; it has more to do with wanting something and just doing it. We can empty our mind by doing something fun, new or to be busy with our hands. This creates space for new ideas or inspirational thoughts. There is less space for worrying and to reason everything that happens around you, which your head is often filled with.


Feeling (not thinking so much)

We live in a society where we think in a rational and logical way, we are very good at reasoning, analysing and understanding. For this we use our left-brain cells. During creative processes we use our right brain cells. In the right brain cells it’s all about intuition, feelings, emotions, understanding, inner awareness and imagination. It is easier to connect with these emotional skills and your own inner world when you’re creative.During a creative process you let go of the logical thinking and this makes it easier to connect with your feelings (conscious and unconscious feelings). You may lose yourself in the activity and time flies. It gives you a sense of peace and that can be just as effective as a meditation.


Need inspiration?

There really is something for everyone. Writing a Blog online, writing in a journal, websites where you can create and share music playlists, cooking classes or buy a special cookbook and start cooking from those recipes, photographs, learning how to edit photo’s, singing, writing stories, join a painting workshop, follow an art class, create inspirational collages, buy home decoration magazines and tear out ideas for your home, take guitar lessons, sort your favourite photos and put them nicely on the wall, buy a book full with beautiful poems or write them yourself , rediscover the power of colouring books, calligraphy , knit a long scarf , bake cookies , finger painting, draw comics, African drumming. Or create an inspirational diary full with pictures, beautiful phrases , photographs, drawings  and maps of some nice things you have done.

These pictures are from my favourite photographer Tim Walker; his latest book is called Storyteller

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