The power of singing

Singing, or even the sound of your voice, ensures that you are more in touch with your body and your feelings. It helps solve emotions, but above all: it’s fun. Read here how that works…

In my book Feel your Sparkle I’ve written a whole chapter about the power of sound and songs. Our voice is the expression of our keynote, the essence of who we are. It’s our frequency and vibration. Through your voice and the sound you make, it’s easier to get in contact with your body and your feelings. Sound existed earlier than the spoken language, and if you remember your original frequencies (by just doing, not so much thinking about how this works) it will take you back to your essence. It awakens and connects people. It pierces wisdom that is hidden within your system, but where you might previously not had access to.

Free your Emotions

Emotions are closely connected with our voice: when we make pure sounds we not only free our voice but also our emotions. And this actually goes for your voice in general, the sound of your voice tells how you feel that day. When we suppress emotions, we suppress our voice and in a figurative sense, our expression. When you give sound to sadness or fear, it solves already a part of these emotions. Also sharing your anxiety and grief out loud with someone will help you with this, you’ll give the emotion a sound through talking about it and sharing it with someone.

By sound or song you will make contact with your abdominal area and this is a place of strength, it is the point that is widely used in the martial arts, the point in your belly that you tighten when you cough. Breath and sound make the connection with this area. This short movie from Will Hewett shows what I mean.

I love what he says following a year in which he sang every day for fifteen minutes:

“I made a daily trip to the world behind the words. This is the world of color, light, vibration and movement. This is a world without borders, a world without countries. It feels to me like swimming. I think we all know this world, our bodies experience this world constantly. We have only a tendency to cover them with a layer of ‘words’: ideas and thoughts about who we are and who we should be. But words can never contain the fullness of the experience. And singing brings us there. So my hope is that we will all sing more. That we make contact with our body through singing, and the ‘body’ of the earth. That feels more important than ever before.”

So when you are in the shower or in the car? Sing!

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