Sardinia: special energy

Sardinia is not only a Blue Zone and a paradise, but also a place with special energy.

Last week I already wrote about Sardinia, a paradise where people age in an above average healthy way. A so-called Blue Zone. I work regularly with photographer Nadine Maas under the name Soulful Travel, to create travel stories for newspapers and magazines. The Italian island Sardinia, where we were in May, is a real power spot.

High frequency

We are staying in the north of the island, a still relatively quiet area. We discovered this area together with our guide Arianna Mendo of the research group Man Nature Energy. She’s been active in the town of Palau for over thirteen years. When we ask her for her vision of the Blue Zone without any doubt she says: ‘the energy!’
She explains that the frequency of the Earth here is, officially measured, much higher than the average of anywhere in the world and that this has a positive influence on the health of human beings. Sardinia is also called an enchanted place, a magical place to recharge both body and mind.
The Nuraghi are towers of the Bronze Age, about 3000 to 800 BC, who where built in Sardinia and are the most important archaeological heritage of the island, especially because they are made of pieces of stone that were dry stacked together with a height of up to 19 meter. Some of them you can still see and there is one on the World Heritage list by UNESCO.

Energetic power spot

Back in the days the inhabitants of Sardinia were called the Nuragic civilization and according to Arianna they lived in total harmony with the forces of nature. We visit a so-called energetic power place in the forests of Gallura. The nuraghe people already used the huge stones and rocks for therapeutic purposes. For generations the frequency of these huge stones have a purifying and healing effect on the body, mind and spirit, according to the inhabitants of the island and the research team of Man Nature Energy. We have experienced a very gentle, yet powerful female (and certainly healing) energy in this place.

Sardinie: bijzondere energie

Magical nature

The nature here is very impressive: thistles higher than 2.20 meters and bushes as tall as trees. Even if you are not looking for an energetic or spiritual experience, this tour is still very interesting because of the archaeological information, everything you learn about ancient peoples and traditions and the experience to be one with nature. This made us very happy and it didn’t take long before we are dancing through fields of flowers like we’re children again!

Plan your trip
You can find more information about Sardinia through the tourist office Orsus (for excursions with Man Nature Energy as well).
To visit North of Sardinia, you can fly with Transavia in less than 2,5 hours from Amsterdam to Olbia. The price depends on the season, but is very reasonable (you can get there for around €100).address>In the summer 2014 issue of Méditerranée Magazine you can find one of our extensive articles on this island containing lots of tips and info.

Behind the scenes: Sardinia

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