What if money did not exist?

Sometimes it’s so hard to feel what you really want to do in life.  It’s hard to feel because we possible have all kinds of blockages, fears and limiting beliefs that hold us back. Perhaps money is one of the biggest of them all.

When this is the case, we make money more important than the things that make us really happy. What is your true desire? What would you do if money was no object in your life, what if money did not exist? The answer is a sign for the right path in your life. Not to ignore money, the power of money ensures us that we are free to do what we want, but to see making money in a different way than the one and only big ‘goal’. It is always a result.

Would everything collapse?

I hear more and more people in my surroundings about this theme and even that they are convinced our entire financial system is going to collapse. That money eventually will no longer exist as we now know it. I can’t imagine how this is going to look like exactly, but wouldn’t it be great if we would then only do what we love and what we are good at.

That we would truly live our life from passion and therefore society would slowly move towards a community where people help each other by doing what they are good at. It’s just a theory of course, but try to imagine this can and it can help you feel what you would really love to do most in life!

And, in the context of ‘let your light shine’: what could you mean to others? What do you bring into this world that can help or inspire others? Because according to me, that’s what true fulfilment is about.

This movie inspires me again and again:

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