When it’s time for something NEW

The last years for me were about finding a new course in life, a new direction. Three years I lived without my own home and therefore I experienced the freedom to travel often, live in special places and be in other countries for longer. A very rich period in my life, with ups and of course also downs (just as life is). In these years I let go of so much (so much of the ‘old’). The result was more calmness in me and space. Space where the new could enter: new ideas and a new course.

My writing work for magazines and companies continued the last years and my work as a coach for people who want to write a book expanded  (Free Your Inner Writer), something I really enjoy. But behind the scenes I worked on something new. A rebranding, a new website, a new project. The Barefoot Diaries is soon ready to be born.

So I end my work for my website Free Your Dreams, it will stay online, but will not have new content. You can find new content (Dutch) at www.freeyourinnerwriter.nl and through Facebook I’ll post weekly inspiration and (writing)tips).

The Barefoot Diaries will be in English. Do you like to receive a message when my new website will be online? Check: www.thebarefootdiaries.com 

X Michèle


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